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There’s no doubt about it, everyone loves reading books for different reasons. Some people like the escape it provides from reality, some people enjoy the connections to the characters they experience in each book and other people love learning things from what they read. But one thing is for sure: if you consider yourself a bookworm, you’ll be able to relate to these 150 quotes about reading and books that we compiled.

Some of the quotes are funny, some of them are inspiring and some of them are so accurate it’s scary. You may even have heard a few of the quotes we rounded up before or you might be a fan of the person who said one of the quotes. But no matter what, you’re sure to crack a smile as you go through each one on our list. Check out all 150 quotes about reading and books below. They’ll remind you why books are so special and why reading is one of the greatest treasures you can give yourself at any age.