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Posting your CV in multiple formats

Your resume is the first glimpse a recruiter gets of you and your skills, make sure it meets the basic formatting requirements. it is essential that you tailor your CV to the format required by the potential employer. Most development organizations required specific templates and formats. When you post your resume using the Expanded Resume Form (ERF), our CV formatting tool will make it available in 10 different formats, including 6 approved templates for donors funded projects.

Advantages for making your CV available in multiple formats

Responding to request for proposals

RFPs for donors funded projects often include CV templates. Use the ERF to quickly format and download your CV.

Sending an email resume

When you need to email a resume to potential recruiters, It is recommended to use the standard format required by the hiring organization or the general format for development professionals.

Setting a default format for recruiters

By default, recruiters are directed to the DevJ format when they click on your resume profile. If you have multiple CV templates, you can set a default format that recruiters will see when they visit your profile.

Allowing recruiters to view your custom resume without download

If you upload a custom CV file, preferably in a pdf format, it can be embedded directly into our site, allowing recruiters to view it without the need for a download. Most recruiters will not download your resume based on your profile alone. They want to see the content of your CV, before downloading it.

Making it easier for employers to find you on DevJ

The ERF allows you to insert keywords and phrases in a text box. These keywords/phrases are indexed by our site search tool in addition to the content of your resume. By choosing terms that best reflect your education and experience, you can improve your resume search ranking among the thousands of resumes already on DevJ.

Template Availables

Your CV will be made available in the following formats:

  1. World Bank template  
  2. AFDB (African Development Bank) template  
  3. ADB (Asian Development Bank) template  
  4. EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) v1 template  
  5. EBRD v2 template  
  6. EuropeAid/European Commission template  
  7. GIZ template  
  8. Entry Level Development Professional  
  9. Experienced Development Professional  
  10. DevJ template (default template for  
  11. Custom template (your uploaded CV file)  

Format your CV using the following (optional) steps.


Submit Your CV information

Enter the necessary information, add key words and phrases, upload a CV file, save the form, check the formating against our Sample CV.


Set a default view for recruiters

Go to the setting tab, select a default format. Choose whether or not the other formats should be visible to recruiters.


Request a CV download

Go to the Request download tab, select the format (and the file type) you wish to download. Once you submit your resume information, formats are made available for download (in PDF and .doc format) within 3 days. You can also download empty templates.

Benefits for premium members

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  • Access to cv formatting tool  
  • Feature your resume for 3 days  
  • Discount on resume distrituion  

Do you wish hiring firms can easily find you?

Recruiters use key words and phrases to search among thousands of resumes on DevJ. When a recruiter performs a search, the site searches within the content of your resume, the title, the areas of expertise, the custom keywords (added by you). The search results are returned in order of relevance to the items searched. The content of your resume is already indexed and well optimized for our site search.

If you are actively and urgently seeking employment, you can improve your resume search ranking by adding terms and phrases that best describe your professional experience and expertise. These terms can be indexed in addition to the content of your resume and areas of expertise. This is important because it can significantly increases the relevance of your resume in search results.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.