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The resume distribution service has helped many of our subscribers connect with recruiters in the development field. Your resume is sent to a targeted list of employers and recruiters in your specific area of expertise.

You get noticed by and connected with people that work in fields relevant to your skills: International development, Global Heath, International and Humanitarian Affairs, etc.

How Resume Distribution Works


Resume Review

Email your resume to or submit it here if you do not already have a resume on DevJ. We do a quick resume review to ensure consistency with some of our recruiters' requirements.


1st Distribution

Resume is sent to recruiters within 5 days. Some of our subscribers have been contacted within weeks, others within months. If you do not receive any responses from recruiters within 90 days, feel free to contact us.


2nd Distribution

If you are not satisfied with the first round, we will redistribute your resume again, free of charge. If, after another 90 days, you are not contacted by recruiters, contact us to request a refund.

What You Get

100% Money-back Guarantee.

If you are not contacted by recruiters within 90 days after the second round of resume distribution, simply contact us. We will refund 100% of your money.

Connect With Recruiters

Send your resume to a list of recuiters in your industry.

Increase Response Rate

Prioritizes recruiters that have signed up to be on the distribution list.

Option To Exclude Some Employers

Current employer is excluded from the targeted list. You can exclude more employers from the list when you fill out the distribution form.



For one month. One time fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can take up to 6 months before a recruiter can contact you. If a recruiter has a job opening that matches your qualifications when your resume is received, he/she may contact you within days or weeks. Some recruiters will keep your resume on file and contact you months after it was initially sent.
Currently, there are thousands of registered recuiters, among which several hundreds who have signed up to be on the distribution list. The list probably includes many verified employers in your area of expertise.
Yes, on the distribution form, you will be asked to list the companies that should be excluded from your distribution list. By default, your current company will not be included in the list.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.