Feature Your Resume To Maximize Your Exposure

Featured Resume

Featured resumes are displayed at the top of the list to Increase profile visibility. Featuring your resume enhances your chance of landing a job faster. Your resume gets high search visibility, stands out from other resumes, attracts more recruiters and usually gets more clicks.

What You Get

Spotlight Your Resume

Your resume will be displayed in the Featured Content Area near the top of the list of resumes.

Better Vibility And More Exposure

You get increased exposure, more recruiters to click on your profile.

Higher Ranking In Search Results

Featured resumes are given priority when recruiters search the resume database.



For one month. One time fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring your profile gets more recruiters to view your resume. It improves your chance of being contacted. However, there is no guarantee that a recruiter will contact you immediately.
Thousands of recruiters have registered in our database. A user with a recruitment account can access the resume database and search for candidates.
Your profile will be featured within 24h of the signup date. You will be notified once your profile is featured.
Once the service is activated, you receive an email notification containing a link to your resume page. Your profile will be tagged as "Featured".
Click on the "Jobseeker" menu link and select "Manage Resumes" from the drop-down menu list to go to your resume page. From there, you can edit or delete your resume. You can also preview how your resume is seen by recruiters.
If you wish to keep featuring your resume after the activation period has passed, you can extend the activation period by purchasing additional time by visiting this page. If you have a featured resume which is about to expire in 10 days and you buy another 30 days "Featured Resume", your resume will stay featured for 40 days.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.