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Premium membership gives you unlimited posting credits. You can post as many jobs as you like. Being a premium member helps you plan your recruiting need ahead, save money and time. It is recommended for organizations who have multiple positions to fill. If you are a premium member and you wish to post a job, simply email the job ad to us.

What You Get

Unlimited Job Postings

Post as many jobs as you like. There are no per-job fee.

Featured Jobs Discount

Premium members get 50% off featured job postings.

Jobs Posting Made Easy

Email your jobs to us. Save money and time.

One membership fee for Multiple premium members.

Any registered user from your organization becomes a premium member.



For one year. One time fee.

Get 25% discount if you buy a 2-year Premium Membership service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium members can post unlimited jobs without paying for each job. They get a 50% discount on featured job postings. As a premium member, posting multiple jobs is even easier: email the list of the jobs to us.
Premium memberships are not recurring. They are valid for one two years depending on your plan. As your expiration date nears, we will send you an email reminder giving you the opportunity to renew your membership. If you wish to ensure your membership benefits will continue uninterrupted, you need to renew prior to expiration date.
Memberships are not auto-renewal. They are automatically canceled after one full year. Approximately one month prior to expiration date, you will receive a renewal notice in the email asking you to continue your membership. Do not respond to the email if you wish to cancel your membership. To cancel your membership prior to the expiration date, send an email to . When you cancel your membership, your account will return to that of a basic member at the end of your initial subscription commitment.
A single membership can be used by multiple user accounts from the same organization. When you sign up for a premium membership, you become the owner of that premium account. You can share your membership benefits with people from your organization at anytime. To do so, send an email to containing the list of emails from your organization that can be added to your premium account.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.