Reach Wash Cluster Gis Officer

Position profile The GIS Officer shall be responsible for: Design, in coordination with the Senior Assessment Officer, IMPACT Country Coordinator, WASH Clusterpartners, Country Assessment and GIS team, and IMPACT HQ […]

Reach Assessment Officer In Jordan

Position profile The REACH Assessment Officer is responsible for the management and implementation of all REACH assessments in country, including theirs preparation, implementation and follow-up. He/she will also be responsible […]

Stagiaire Développement de Projet – Haïti

Position profile 1. Assurer la production de rapports réguliers, précis et analytiques pour le Responsable Développement de Projet.- Comprendre et transmettre les directives des bailleurs de fonds. – Etablir une liaison régulière […]

Project Development Manager

Position profile Ensure ACTED Representation in the area of activity   Representation vis-à-vis provincial authorities   Representation vis-à-vis Donors   Representation amongst other international organisations More generally, the DAC is expected to contribute to […]

Impact Syria Assessment Manager

Position profile Under the supervision of IMPACT’s HQ in Geneva, the IMPACT Assessment Manager is responsible for the management and implementation of IMPACT assessments in Syria, including theirs preparation, implementation […]

Food Security and Livelihoods Program Manager

Position profile 1. Ensure external representation of ACTED in relevant sectorsRepresentation vis-à-vis DonorsRepresentation vis-à-vis international organisationsMore generally, the program manager is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive […]

Country Logistic Manager – Iraq

Position profile Logistical ManagementLogistical management of Mission premisesProvision and replenishing of office suppliesFinancial ManagementProcurement, Stock Management and SuppliersDatabase of Local SuppliersFollow up of Procurement Procedures, conforming to procurement guidelinesManagement of […]

AME Manager (Appraisal Monitoring and Evaluation) – Ukraine

Position profile The AME Manager, in close cooperation with the Country Director. The AME Manager will develop and manage the M&E strategy for the project, improving program quality, monitoring performance […]

Chargé de Développement de Projet

Position profile Objectifs du poste :1. Garantir de bonnes relations avec les donateurs à travers une gestion des subventions de qualité et ponctuelle.2. Faciliter la coordination interne et la communication.3. […]

Reach Gis Officer In Niger

Position profile REACH GIS Officer will fulfil the following functions: 1. GIS Activitiesa. Preparation, conception and production of maps- Identify map information needs;- Identify and access map information sources; – Ensure accurate linkages between […]

Responsable Logistique Pays- Niger

Position profile Objectifs :Garantir la gestion de la chaine d’approvisionnement de manière ponctuelle, économique et transparente dans le paysGarantir la gestion ponctuelle, efficiente et transparente de la Logistique transversale dans […]

Impact Assessment Officer In South Sudan

Position profile FUNCTIONSUnder the supervision of, and in close coordination with, the IMPACT Country Coordinator and IMPACT HQ in Geneva, the IMPACT Assessment Officer is responsible for the management and […]

Country Logistic Manager – Afghanistan

Position profile Logistical Management :• Logistical management of Mission premises• Provision and replenishing of office supplies• Financial ManagementProcurement, Stock Management and Suppliers:• Database of Local Suppliers• Follow up of Procurement […]

Stage Communication événementielle – Convergences

Position profile L’équipe Convergences est organisée comme suit :- un(e) Directeur(rice) exécutif(ve) (à recruter)- un Pôle Communication et Partenariats : une Responsable, une Chargé de Communication, un(e) Stagiaire Communication (à […]

Microcredit and innovative Financial Services Intern – Oxus

Position profile Depending on the candidate’s profile and business needs during the intership, the intern will support OXUS group Operation Department, regarding selected issues amongst the following:• Assistance in the […]

Program Manager

Position profile As part of ACTED’s team for the Citizens Charter program (Faryab, Badghis, Baghlan,Samangan & Kunduz), the Program Manager is responsible for overseeing all program activities, supporting implementation, and […]

Stagiaire Logistique et Partenariats – Convergences

Position profile L’équipe Convergences est organisée comme suit :- une Directrice Exécutive- une Directrice adjointe en charge du contenu- un Pôle Communication et Partenariats : une Chargée de Partenariats, une […]

Project Development Manager – MENA

Position profile The program development manager is responsible for ensuring the production of timely reports for Donors and for developing a country communication strategy, both internal and external.1. Ensuring the […]

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